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The Floss Box is a dedicated to helping people learn and experience creative hand embroidery and cross stitch.

More than ever we need time to slow down, to work our hands, and feel the reward of accomplishment.

Needlework brings joy to our lives and is a great way to connect with other people.


Pick up your needles and get stitching!  Let’s have some fun creating.


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The world is but a canvas to the imagination.

-Henry David Thoreau

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Christmas Ornaments

Hi all! I’ve been keeping myself busy stitching. This year my goal is to be consistent and keep up with as much as I can. Not always so easy, as you know, but I’m in there trying. My main focus is keeping steady with my creative adventures, both drawing and stitching. For my stitching work, …

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Strawberries and Bee Stumpwork

Hey everybody! I hope the days are brightening for you. Here spring is working its magic once again bringing us spring flowers and more sunshine. It’s a delight to hear the birds singing and see the frogs splashing about. These days inspired a project I did a couple years ago. (My how time flies!) The …

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Flamingo Biscornu

Hi, everyone!I’ve been doing a pile of stitching lately. Finally catching up a little bit on some projects that have been waiting for a little attention. One of them is the Flamingo biscornu. I saw a finished biscornu someone had made a few years ago and thought it looked so fun that I just had …

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