About The Floss Box

Simply gorgeous, hand-crafted cross stitch and hand embroidery patterns and kits.

More than ever we need time to slow down, to work our hands, and feel the reward of accomplishment, and The Floss Box is here to help. Embroidery and cross stitch are arts with long, cultural traditions and it’s exciting to be a part of right now.

Needlework brings joy to our lives and is a great way to connect with other people. It’s easy to get started with beginning embroidery and cross stitch. We have extensive tutorials and tips in the blog about stitches and getting started. Feel free to reach out and ask questions.

So pick up your needles and get stitching!  Relax and unwind here with us. It will be loads of fun!

Welcome to The Floss Box!

Hi, I’m Emily, creator of The Floss Box, and I use needlework as a way to express my creativity and to share and connect with others. It is one of my biggest joys in life.

Embroidery is an ancient craft, and it’s also the perfect craft for today’s hectic world. It is meditative and gives our minds and bodies a chance to focus and recover from distraction and stress.

Embroidery is an artform and allows for unlimited self expression and all the uniqueness that comes with that expression. Each stitch is part of a process creating and becoming more than we are today. Embroidery is a journey deep into the inner world of play and fun and love. It has the power to connect us in a shared experience and passion.

Whether you are just beginning the journey or are a seasoned traveler complete with all the materials you could ever dream of, Welcome to The Floss Box.

Be sure to stop by the store, check the tutorials and visit the gallery!

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