Woven Wheel Stitch

The woven wheel stitch is a great texture stitch, useful for flowers and decoration.  As the name implies, it’s a type of needle weaving.

First make 5 spokes from a center point.  Ideally they should be the same length.  If you draw a circle as a guide, make the spokes outside the outer edge. This way the pencil line will be covered with then stitch is done.

You can make more than 5 spokes, but you want an odd number, 7, 9, etc., so you can weave around the spokes.

Weave around the spokes under and over until the spokes are full. Experiment with “stuffing” in extra weavings even when it’s full or keep the wheel flat by not pulling too hard on the weaving thread.

Fluff up the woven thread a little if you like for more texture.

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