Beaded Stumpwork Beads

Add these great detached beaded berries to your stumpwork projects or other embroidery!

Step 1
Cut strips of felt. The size of course depends on how small or big you want your berries to be. In this example I am beginning with strips that are 1/4 x 1 3/4 inch. The best advice is to experiment, both with the length and the height until you find some measurements that you are satisfied with.

Step 2
Roll up the felt and sew it closed. You can sew the edges of the roll closed too.

Step 3
Next start adding your beads one by one. Just run the needle through the felt roll to places that need a bead. If you run out of thread, just anchor by running it a couple times through the felt and cut it close. Start a new thread by running it through a few times too.

Step 4
When you have filled the felt roll with beads, next will be to attach it to the fabric. First run your thread through the beaded felt. I recommend using at least 2 strands of embroidery floss or something stronger. In this example, I have crewel yarn.

Step 5
Run the yarn through the bead a one or two times to anchor it well.

Step 6
After you have anchored your hanging thread, pull it out next to the other end of the yarn. Thread the needle with both ends, and attach the bead to the project at the desired location.

That’s it! There are many ways to adapt this idea to make other interesting additions to your projects!

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