Cutting Small Pieces of Felt Accurately

Ever have a hard time cutting small, accurate pieces of felt for a project? This simple method will help you cut those little pieces more accurately.

  • Felt
  • Pattern – in reverse
  • Fusible webbing

Step 1

Tape your pattern down. Then tape the webbing over, paper side up. Then trace over the cutting lines of each piece. You may want to move the webbing around so all the pieces have a little space between them.

Step 2

Now cut out the pieces and iron them onto the felt. Don’t use high heat for your iron, remember if you have 100% acrylic felt that it can’t take as much heat. Don’t tear the paper away yet. Next cut out your pieces. After they are cut, remove the paper.

Sew your felt in place – avoid fusing the felt down if you plan to embroider the felt, because the melted webbing will make it harder to stitch through. Also, ironing down the felt will “flatten” it, leaving it less puffy.

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