Embroidery Journal Project 2012

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Welcome to the 2012 embroidery journal project.  The idea is to make a small (or large!) embroidery every month that reflects something in your life. It can be anything: how you are feeling, the weather, important events, a holiday, a season, interactions with nature. The list goes on and on. You can choose any size or any format you like: ATCs, postcards, inchies, circles, quilt blocks, or anything else you can think of.  There will be one post every month where you can post your links to your works, and probably a flickr group or something else to send your photos to.

Also, consider when you decide the project size what you want to do with them. Maybe bind them into a fabric book, perhaps make a quilt, or maybe if they are ATCs set up a way to display them in some kind of framed box on the wall.

This is a challenge of sorts – to make it through the year with 12 embroidery projects that are personal and have a story to tell. You can use the chance to experiment with colors, stitches, fabrics, design, anything you like. The important thing is that it comes from inside and is tells the world something about you.

Be sure to read the embroidery project journal introductory blog post too!

If you are joining in leave a message on this page. Late-comers are more than welcome!!

Go to the month and leave your link to your project! Thanks to those who join in.
January 2012 entries

You can also send your photos to the Embroidery Journal Project Flickr group.


Questions or comments?

Please send them to info@theflossbox.com

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