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A Cheery Zombie Christmas in Cross Stitch

Things are busy here getting ready for holiday season with cross stitch another Christmas ornament! It’s going to be a zombie Christmas this year it seems. All with good fun in mind, of course.

I just love Christmas ornaments. The best memories I have from childhood are the whole family gathered around the table with glitter, glue, felt, pom poms, bells, ribbons and all that good stuff. Very happy times for us all.

zombie girl cross stitch

Making new ornaments every year is my way to bring back the family fun feeling. And I need to keep on making them through the year to keep those good feelings with me.

I thought the Zombie girl needed a little more attention, so I reworked the design to add more color and fun. And I promise, she is nothing if not fun!

I have a feeling this isn’t the last time she makes an appearance for Christmas. It’s a party she won’t miss!

Be sure to watch your presents closely this year… Zombie girl does love them all so much.

You can find Christmas with Zombie Girl in the store.

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