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Made with Love – 7 New Handmade Christmas Ornaments

It’s been a busy fall preparing for the Christmas holiday! Full of good, creative fun and loads of color made into embroidery and cross stitch. It’s all of my favorite things combined. I’ve been making ornaments, and it’s been a delight.

I usually wait until about a week before Christmas, then I got into a flurry of creativity. Unfortunately a week isn’t quite enough time for many projects to be thought of, designed, made and presented. It takes much more time than that to come up with ideas.

In fact, I started this series of designs in September. That way I had loads of time to gather ideas and choose the ones that felt most interesting. And change them too as needed! It’s part of my creative process. I don’t rush it the way I used to. Perhaps it’s more enjoyable as well. We don’t often get that feeling of enough time to think things through in the rush of our lives.

But for me, creativity deserves and even requires time. To me, it’s about caring. Everything I make these days, is with a lot of care. So this year’s ornaments are about caring. Not in an obvious way, like it’s written on them, but in a subtle way.

All of these ornaments are a reflection of me and what I value as a creator: fun, color, creativity, nature and most of all, love.

So, with that, here I present the series of ornaments for 2021…

Little Bear
Christmas Wreath
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