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Christmas Peace

Hi, everyone!

I hope this spring is blooming for you wherever you are. Here the sun is gently warming us and bringing out little flowers and bees.

Usually the season steers me towards spring themes, but this year I’m working ahead. Or very far behind! I really could have done my holiday projects before Christmas if I had been a little faster. So I have to play catch up, as usual..

In any case, this one was a very pleasant, restful project to do. I like the calm feeling about it. Feels right, even if it isn’t Christmas.

All the satin stitch on the bird was quite peaceful and meditative to do in itself. I always find this sort of slow handwork very restful and re-energizing.

Embroidery helps keep my going day by day, and I hope it does for you too!

Thanks for stopping by! Until next time… enjoy the beauty around you!

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