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End of summer

Hi everyone!

Here we are at the tail end of summer. I hope it stretches out for you as long as possible. I’ve spent most of my summer resting in an effort to get energy back. It’s slow progress, but most of my symptoms have died slowly. But I still have a pain in my upper chest that doesn’t seem to go away.

Needless to say I haven’t done nearly as much as I wished I could have.

I hope you and your families are well. My heart goes out to all those that have suffered or lost someone to this awful virus.

On to more cheerful things.

I have done some stitching earlier this summer. I have two new designs, both for crewel work.

I call this one Song of Winter. I’m hoping there will be a whole series that I do through the coming year. This is after the little birds that stay with us all year long and keep us company in the cold of winter.

And I’ve done a seasonal fox too.

This is a partner to the Fox in the Flowers.

As you see I’ve made them facing the same way. I really meant to reverse the Winter Fox. I will likely make a fall and spring fox that are reversed! But of course, the pattern packs have the foxes facing in both directions so you can avoid my mistake.

Out in the garden, there have been so many roses this year! Such beauty. I managed to capture just a hint of it with the camera.

And they have such a wondrous fragrance too. I’ve made an effort to go out and enjoy them every day. Some of them continue to bloom even as fall is making its way towards us.

I hope you can catch the last glimpses of summer as it fades out. I’m already missing the sunshine and warm, slow days.

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