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Strawberries and Bee Stumpwork

Hey everybody!

I hope the days are brightening for you. Here spring is working its magic once again bringing us spring flowers and more sunshine. It’s a delight to hear the birds singing and see the frogs splashing about.

These days inspired a project I did a couple years ago. (My how time flies!)

The strawberries are made so with layers of felt for padding. I just love the dimensional effects which have always drawn me to this type of embroidery.

This will eventually be part of a stumpwork book that I do. Right now, I’m plugging away on a book idea I’ve had simmering for several years now. The time has finally come to put it together.

So I’m spending my days and nights stitching, trying to reach and find a little extra creativity because this is what the book is all about.

Well, time to get back at it! Until next time, I hope your days are filled with cool breezes and lots of stitches..

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