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Summer of Stitching

Welcome to Summer of Stitching here at The Floss Box.

It’s been a spring like no other, and the rest of the year will likely follow in suit. Lives have been turned over and changed in a short space of time, and the old “normal” may never return.

I have been ill with the virus too. I’ve had a mild case, but after nearly 3 months I am still not fully recovered. But I am also fortunate in not needing to be plugged into a hospital.

I am turning the page forward to the summer. It isn’t going to be like last summer and the summers before. I won’t be able to do some of the usual summer activities.

The disruptions, the shifting seasons, and the search for peace is a perfect time to finding a new creativity.

I have lined up a whole pile of creative projects this summer, and I’m encouraging everyone to do the same. Uncertain times always need greater creativity to solve new problems. And it’s a great time to express yourself.

So, this summer is my Summer of Creativity. Here I will be channeling that into a Summer of Stitching.

I’ve had an uptick in interest in embroidery due to the lock-downs. It’s helped push me back to my own stitching projects.

I’m focusing on a few areas for this Summer of Stitching.

Summer Stitching School

I hope to add a few new lessons this year. I can’t really say how many yet.

New designs

There are always loads of ideas waiting to be developed.

I’ve started a new series of seasonal designs beginning with a design called Winter Song. I’m a bird-watcher and in the summer, I can leave my window open so I hear their songs all day long.

New book

I’ve had a book in progress for about 3 years now. I have been side-tracked too many times. It’s different than the ones I have done already in that it’s a pattern book with a creativity theme throughout.

Embroidery videos

I’ve just recently jumped into the world of making video. It’s so fun, and there are so many ways to use it.

I have much to learn and explore, but I intend to be making a few embroidery-themed videos in the near future. My first will have a Summer of Stitching theme.

So far they are really glorified slide presentations, but I hope eventually to add real video too.

Make this your Summer of Stitching

Join in the fun and make this a summer to remember. You can stitch anything in any way you want. Your stitches are always a unique expression, so let them out. Let them express what you think and how you feel.

I’ll be here in my corner cheering you on.

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