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2 Questions from Embroidery Beginners Answered

I get many questions from people who want to start embroidery. That’s cool. I feel flattered they come to me with questions. I have a lot of experience for sure, but there is still much I don’t know too! We keep on learning little by little.

There are two questions that come up over and over. So I will answer them here.

Question 1 Is this a project for a beginner?

This is the question I get most often. My answer is always yes most of the projects I make are not so complicated a beginner couldn’t do them… BUT.. there is always a but. A but that might not be especially popular with people. However it’s pretty much universally true of any art or craft.

A beginner can try any project, but you might not be satisfied with the results. That is only lack of experience, and there is one way to get it. Practice, practice, practice. I usually recommend practicing the stitches in the project until you are comfortable making them.

It might take a little time or it might take a lot. I know it’s not a super easy answer, but it’s the truth. Get to know your abilities, work on them as often as you can.

I think it’s also common sense for a beginner to not take on a project that might get overwhelming. That doesn’t mean a beginner can’t do some pretty amazing things! Of course, you can! But it’s easy to get fatigued on a big project for even advanced artists. So take it slow, one step at a time. Small as you learn and decide if you really enjoy it.

Question 2 How do I get the pattern on the fabric?

I actually get asked this more often, and that’s because people who aren’t beginners still wonder how to do it.

It isn’t hard. It’s fairly easy to do and once you can easily transfer the design, then the possibilities open up for you.

I always recommend what I call the “lightbox” method. If you have a lightbox of the right size it’s perfect, but if you don’t, a glass table or at least a window will work fine.

All you need to do is tape down the pattern, then tape your fabric over it. Use a thin pencil or a water soluble fabric marker to trace over the design. Then you are ready to go.

You can put a light under the table to make it easier to see the lines to trace.

This method fails though if you use dark or thick fabrics.

I admit I rarely trace designs anymore. I print them right on the fabric now. It saves time and everything is crisp and even.

Welcome to embroidery

If you are a beginner, I offer you a warm welcome to our craft. Embroidery is a beautiful art form with unlimited possibilities. You can do anything you want with it. Use unusual materials, do subversive themes, or just doodle about and have some creative fun.

Use it to decorate, express and satisfy your creative urges.

It’s the perfect antidote to modern poking, scrolling and pushing buttons. We need to use our hands to stay coordinated now and later in life. It’s restful, mindful, and de-stressing.

Embroidery is one of the best creative hobbies out there, and it is easy to get started!

So sit down for awhile and see what you can imagine into stitch!

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