April Embroidery Journal Project

I worked on my embroidery journal project over the weekend.

I chose only motifs that I felt like stitching. This piece I call Spring, the promise and the beauty. The birds nest represents the promise, and the daffodil the beauty. I didn’t feel motivated to put a lot of extra decoration on this project. My flower is made with needle lace, and the bird’s nest with lots of couched down wool yarns.

Spring has also brought us the opportunity to do some outdoor works, which satisfying, but also extremely tiring. The needlework suffers, but I’ll be back soon with a new project.


  1. It's charming, good to see carefully-chosen textures and threads combined so well.

  2. Just beautiful! I love all the different textures. I am a new follower, so wondering what an embroidery journal project is???

  3. tienes un blog pecioso eres una artista te felicito…
    te hago una pregunta que clase de hilos utilizas… lanas o hilos…
    un abrazo

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