Chevron Stitch Sampler

I’ve completed my chevron stitch sampler. This is for this past week’s TAST.

I numbered my variations, so I could easily describe them.
1. The basic stitch
2. Chevron stitch can easily be varied in height, width and width of the horizontal stitch. I just have a few example shown, there are many more possibilities.
3. Here I have woven through the bars with a contrasting thread.  There are many other ways to whip, wrap and thread this stitch.
4. In these two examples I have made the stitch in discrete units.
5.There are many ways to make rows of this stitch that line up in different ways in order to fill an area.
6. Overlapping rows make a denser filling and have a lot of interesting texture.
7. A row with varied heights.
8. A row of irregular stitches.

This type of sampler seems to suit me, so I plan on continuing with them. I am up to 14 little samplers now. And I do actually find myself referring to them when I am looking for a stitch to use. I would encourage everyone to do some sort of sampler where you just focus on making variations as they are a great way to get an idea of the possibilities the stitch offers, and you will learn a lot about how it looks on the fabric.

A note about the fibers I use: For these samplers I use linen thread in different thicknesses, wool in both crewel and tapestry weight, and soft cotton yarn. I like these threads for their thicknesses and the texture they add.

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