Dragronfly Project

I’ve started a new project this week! I have been thinking about doing something with a dragonfly for awhile, and now I have come up with a design that I liked.

I am deliberately going a little slow. I want to think a little before I just start throwing stitches down. Texture and color are my focus. I even took the time to do sample stitches before I made the water. I haven’t done that on many projects, but it’s actually a really good idea. My grasses and cattails are not finished. I’m planning to do needle-weaving for added dimension. More about this project soon. I have to take a short break from it now to work on the embroidery journal project. March is passing quickly!!

In the meantime, I am working on bringing some of my tutorials back online. Also I have ideas for new content. The blog format never felt very right for permanent content, so it’s going on my main site. This week they will start appearing.

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