Fall Blog Tour Stop 3

Welcome to another stop on The Floss Box Fall 2012 Tour of embroidery blogs! This time we are making a stop to visit Amy of SewAmy. Amy does a variety of stitching and quilting and combines them into her beautiful creations!

Fall 2012 Embroidery Blog Tour Stops
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Stop 3: SewAmy
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1. How long have you been embroidering?

have only been doing embroidery for a few years, 5 or 6 maybe.  I
started cross stitching when I was a teenager and did it all the way
into my late 20’s. In my thirties I learned how to quilt. It wasn’t
until my late 30’s that I learn to embroider. And now I am coming full
circle and cross stitching again.

2. How did you learn? 

I learned by teaching myself.  I checked out embroidery books from the library and looked up
how to do stitches on line. 

3. Why did you start?
I was into quilting, I went to our local quilt show every year. One
year I noticed a booth with quilts that had embroidery work on them.
They were gorgeous. The company was ‘Bareroots’. I bought my first
pattern and fell in love. The pattern is called ‘ What color is
Spring?’.( I included a picture of it)  I’ve since stitched and made
many of Bareroot’s patterns.

4. What are your favorite types of embroidery? To stitch embroidery, my favorite is just the plain ole ‘back stitch’. But to look at embroidery…  any
type.I am loving cross stitch right now too.  Crewel work amazes me and I’d love to learn how to do it one day. 


5. What are you favorite projects?

favorite projects are when I get to stitch by hand and I add a bit of
‘me’ into the project. I made a camping wall hanging (pattern by
Bareroots) and I changed some of the embroidery from the pattern to fit
the way we camp, which is in a VW bus.  When I made my Jacob’s Ladder
Halloween quilt, I added embroidered spiders webs and spiders to it.
When I cross-stitched up a little ‘Science Lab’ (pattern by Bent Creek)
there was a pumpkin under the lab table. I had to change
it to a frog because I have a big thing for frogs/toads.  I just love
when my projects have that personal touch to them.

6. What do you do with your finished stitcheries?  
I’ve only framed a
few. I really like making my stitcheries into usable things… like
quilts, pillows and pillowcases, needle cases and Christmas ornaments.

What other hobbies and interests do you have?  

I love to camp. My
family camps in our 1970 Volkswagen camper Bus 8 months out of the year.
Being a mom, I am always looking for things our family can do together
before the kids grow up.  I do paint a tiny bit, but stitching is my
favorite so anytime I have any extra time I am stitching.  My favorite
way to stitch is curled up , watching a movie (mostly chick-flicks) and
sipping wine.

Be sure to visit Amy and see all of her wonderful creations!! Stay tuned for more stops coming soon!

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