Fall Leaf Embroidery

I did this little project over the weekend.  The fall colors around here inspired me to pick up the needle and try this little assissi embroidery project.

 My main point was just to practice some of the summer school stitches in something more like a regular project rather than just a sampler. It is good to see them with other stitches too.

 If I have counted correctly, I used 8/12 of the stitches. Not bad! Using them all really wasn’t the main point, but just to use some of them. You can see in my close-ups that there are lots of nice textures to these stitches. It really does make it more interesting to look at.

I used plant-dyed wool fibers throughout the whole project. The colors are just so nice and earthy. It was a pleasure to work with them.

2 thoughts on “Fall Leaf Embroidery”

  1. That's beautiful. So textured and evocative. My 6yo daughter told me to say that the open leaf in the middle was particularly nice. Found you via a link from a friend on Twitter.

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