Finished Squirrel Project!

Yesterday I put in the final stitches!

I took a few closeups too you can enjoy. I’m pretty happy with this project. It was a good challenge for me.

The squirrel was a bit tricky to stitch in place, but I made it work. The tail is made out of turkey knots that I trimmed and brushed out. That’s a fun step by the way. It’s fun to snip away the uneven strands and see things even out.

The acorns and leaves were easily set in place.

The berries were too. The needlelace leaves were a bit tricky since I had to push the wires through some thick stitches, but in the end it’s all as it should be.

The mushrooms perhaps aren’t so exciting, but I really didn’t want them to draw much attention from the rest of the piece.

I am not sure what’s next, probably a bit of Christmas stitching. You’ve got to start early!!

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