January Embroidery Journal Project

Here I am finally! This time I have my embroidery journal project along with me.

This year I decided to give myself more freedom with the size of the project to allow the size to suit the project instead of the other way around. I like the 4 x 4 inch format though, so I will return to it in other projects.

This  little project I call Let your heart sing.  First a short mention of the techniques. I used an acrylic ink wash to color the fabric. Then I have coming crewel embroidery with raised embroidery.

I had the idea in my head, but it didn’t quite take it’s full shape until one of the commenters on Stitchin Fingers left a comment on the Folk Art Crewel Bird that it made her heart sing.

I thought that was such a nice thought that I decided to make it my theme for this month. This project is about joy. Find where your joy comes from and show it to people near you and especially yourself.

And don’t forget to hear the bird’s songs. They are full of the joy of living.

And by the way, you can find the tutorial for making beaded berries on my site.

6 thoughts on “January Embroidery Journal Project”

  1. This is SO pretty! I just started following your blog in December after searching for "types of embroidery knots" and I'm in love with all of your work! You are so talented, your projects inspire me, and I've been working on my own embroidery! Though I am sooooo slow right now. 🙂

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