Lessons from a doodle cloth embroidery

I think the last time I did one of
these way back in 2009, and I didn’t complete it. And that’s a real shame,
because after making this new one, I realize how much I love doing
this sort of stitching.

The great thing about this type of
embroidery is what you can learn along the way! I made a little list
of things I have learned this time.
1. It’s the perfect opportunity to test
how various stitches look on fabric and next to each other. This is
actually hard to know before you see them, and the more times you
make the stitches together, the better you learn them.
2. Playing with shapes, this is one of the
best parts. The playing around. I make a nest, then I just try some
flowers around it for fun.. then more and suddenly I have a little
field of flowers in three colors and they look kinda cool.

3. Trying out different textures, a great
thing about embroidery compared to other media is the texture. It is
wonderful to have the chance to try out some different types of textures without
knowing ahead how they will turn out or the worry that it could be “wrong” because there is no wrong!

4. Creatively filling the spaces. I never
know exactly how I will fill the space, and there is a lot of it to
fill! I take it one area at a time and focus on that. You can really
surprise yourself when you let go!

5. Getting to know color. This kind of
playful cloth is the perfect opportunity to practice color.
combinations. I have a tendency to learn toward certain shades, so
here I can play without any worry how it might affect the rest of the project.
6. Watching a project like this develop is
extremely satisfying. Yes, it is! Day by day it grows and becomes
something interesting, made of different moods and thoughts all
blended together into one. It adds feeling and contrast.

7. And the best part, for me, watching a project like this develop is extremely satisfying and rewarding.  I love the different parts and the open freedom to express myself.

There are more of these in  my future!

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