Love Birds Crewel Embroidery

Hi, I rested a few days last weekend and spent some time thinking about what projects I most want to do. Sometimes the way isn’t always so clear, and I get easily distracted. We’ll see in the days ahead if I can focus in on what I most want to do. In the meantime, I at least found a fun project to do! I call it Love Birds.

I like the feeling of the birds flying towards their nests. Feels a little both of Valentine’s day and spring. The colors are soft to add to the feeling.

Something a bit unrelated that has been on my mind late is that I hope I can find some balance with the blogging. I admit I am very alarmed by the ever-decreasing privacy we are allowed on the web (which itself has become a sign that you are suspect). It used to be no one would use their real name or post family photos, now the opposite is routine. There are profound implications of this new behavior. It feels better to consider those than rush out and write about all the details of your life. So I refrain from showing too much about myself and the other things I do because I really intensely dislike that my life can be sold to the highest bidder. Think twice about what you write and post. Even the most innocent can be twisted in ways you didn’t even imagine by those that collect and save your data. I feel compelled to limit myself to my stitching and a few nature photos here, even if it makes me more distant and less “social”. I know there are still many stories to be told even if I am selective!

In case you wonder where that all came from, this issue has been in the news and on my mind lately. I and many fellow crafters are completely reliant on the web. It’s worth a putting a little thought into what we put out there because it will follow us around for a long time.

7 thoughts on “Love Birds Crewel Embroidery”

  1. I'm always flabbergasted that people write their children's full names, show photos, say which school they go to…for reals? Of course, I grew up with a father who locked the doors even though we lived way out in the country. I'm a little suspicious of others. (There are those, too, who take it too far int he other direction and won't join ravelry because well, you, know.)

  2. Hi,
    Nothing very particular as happened other than Google's new policy made me think some. I'm a heavy google user and it bothers me that everything I say and do online is being collected. The potential for abuse is too high. I'm not particularly into FB on a personal level. They are far too creepy. The facial recognition was too much, so I vowed never to post any more of my photos with them.
    It's just annoying to feel like I have to limit the things I write and do online because everything can be twisted to mean something else. I'm completely reliant on the internet though as are many of my fellow crafters.

  3. I totally agree with your cautions, Emily! I use my real name (as I feel I have nothing to hide and I prefer to be myself and not use a pseudonym unless essential), but the things that some people post are just asking for trouble including their addresses, phone numbers, when they are going to be out (yes – let's invite a thief!), and more! There are some who relate in full private conversations which their relatives would probably NOT be pleased about and others who tell you what they think of their families, colleagues etc. Asking for trouble? I think so!

    Certain social networks have been suspected of collecting data for certain governments and, whilst I have no idea how true that is, the risk is there and you just don't know how far it could go. I don't use social networks, except for arts and crafts and keep my contribution totally on topic.

    I have a more general blog or two, including one with several travel photos and the other has my goals etc on, but I still take great care what I post there. If it could cause hurt, embarrassment or could start arguments and 'issues', I don't post it! I just stick to interests and, from what I post, no-one has any idea of my personal life, family (except one or two pix of Sir, which he doesn't mind) or my opinions on sensitive matters.

  4. I agree with you. I keep my FB for family/close fiends, because we are scattered over the USA. I also am amazed at stitchers/crafters who post photos and details of their minor children on their blogs. Sometimes the details are very personal. However, I also see that sometimes people get so overwhelmed emotionally that they need to reach out to the blogging community because it does provide some comfort through anonymity. Just love those little bird eggs!

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