More Crewel Embroidery

Here I am once again with a new finish. The first for the new year! Although I have cheated by working on this during December too.

It’s already been nearly a week since I finished this.

The color choices caused me great pains. I somehow managed to pull it together well enough for it to look alright, but my problem isn’t that I don’t know the colors I want to use, it’s that I don’t have them! I will keep collecting crewel colors until I have want I need!


  1. Well, I don't consider that cheating, Emily and I'll be very happy to produce my first finish of the year (which I hope will be soon and that there may be 2 or 3 this month!).

    Well done and yes, I sympathise with the colour problem. Even with my massive stash of threads of so many types (except wool, which I dislike the feel of), I still often feel I lack the exact shade I want…

  2. I like the beads, Emily. I'm looking along the lines of stitching, admiring the elements and colors, and then BEADS! I know you've used them before. I think I'd like to try using them.

  3. The detail shading is beautiful. I like the colors. Your work is so beautiful.

  4. I adore the colors you chose! Congratulations on the finish!

  5. Very pretty! Congrats on your first finish of the year. :o)

  6. Thank you kindly! Now time to get going again. 🙂 Too much slacking around here!!

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