November Embroidery Journal Project

Back to stitching.

For this month, I wanted to make a try at capturing a little piece of the forest around here where I live. This time of year, it’s dark and wet and gray. But not in the trees. They are pines and fir trees, green all year. Then there is the moss. It’s always green.

There are many varieties too. At first it all just looks like a green clump, until you look closer and see all the many forms and textures.

I started with a painted fabric. I like to use acrylic inks, which I will talk about soon. I just came upon them recently and am still learning.

I did have some ideas of stitches to use, but I didn’t quite even get to them all. I was just looking to create some textures.

I feel that my artistic and technical skills aren’t quite up to the challenge yet, but this is a start for me in any case!

2 thoughts on “November Embroidery Journal Project”

  1. I love this piece! It captures that wonderful carpet of moss really well. (And hopefully I'm not leaving three copies of this! I was having some sort of technical difficulty on the mobile site and am trying the regular version.)

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