October 2012 Embroidery Journal Project

I am ahead this month! Actually it wasn’t planned, but I was working on this little project and since it was the same size as the others, I decided it could be my journal project.

I started it out as something of a study in using different yarns to help add interesting textures and surfaces. I found a great yarn that I thought would make an interesting sea, so this because a little seascape project.

I didn’t really plan the project out at all. I just started with the water, then built up the land area with some different types of yarns. I made the rocks along the shore out of fimo clay, as are the bigger rocks. I didn’t work off a photo, but I did take inspiration from my time along the coast in SE Sweden. It’s very rocky and in places there are a great number of large boulders. There isn’t much by way of sandy beaches, but the coast is interesting and varied!

It was fun just letting the project develop as I went along. There will be more of these types of projects in the future.

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