Open Needle Woven Picot

Last week I joined in TAST to try doing something with needle-woven picots. These are fun stitches, but I really haven’t used them in projects too many times.

This whole little project is a little accident! Even the fabric was a painting experiment I never intended to use for a project. I was going to cover it with the picot stitches, so you couldn’t see it. But after making a few rows, I thought it could work as a crown for a tree, so I put down a little scrap of fabric as a ground, and there I had a little tree!

Fun stitch, be sure to give a try. There surely are many more interesting applications!


  1. Emily, isn't it wonderful when an experiment with stitches comes together to make something so beautiful. The picot leaves look amazing on yout tree.

  2. This is really a nice fall tree.

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