Sewing and Creating a 3D Canvas for Embroidery

I used to sew quite a bit of clothing. I made all sorts of different garments, even a wedding dress for my sister. I am not sure what made me stop, maybe less time, and the outlets had decent quality for the price. Times have changed though. But first, my creation!

I have sewn a simple tiered skirt. I followed a pattern, and it was no problem. I wanted a bit of embroidery, but with this kind of print I thought I should start simple, so an initial would do the job. I haven’t ever done any embroidery on clothing, cross stitch over waste canvas on clothing, yes, so this is a little different for me, and  something I would gladly do more of.

I have a whole pile of antique embroidery books full of letters for marking clothing and linens, but after looking at them, I thought I could do my own letter.  That way it would have the look I wanted. I sewed it on a scrap of fabric with crewel threads with interfacing on the back. Then I appliqued the patch on. Maybe next time I will embroider right on the garment, but this is good. I can remove it should I feel the urge. I know there is much more I could have done with this, but I made the decision that I would put a limited amount of time on this first project, so the embroidery is purposefully simple, but it’s just a beginning!!!

As for why I decided to make my own clothing again. I really do not like the way the garment industry is run these days. Cheap and cheaper, no quality, horrible working conditions. Sure, you can buy quality, but it will cost you dearly. This is all only part of it though. I think as part of my “artistic awakening” I have realized (something most fashionistas knew a long time ago), that your clothing choice is part of your self-expression. I will ever be a fashion horse, I like comfort a little too well, but it’s still a way to express something that is inside me. I can make my own fabric choice, create a customized garment, and to use it to do one thing I have been thinking about for some time now: showcase embroidery.

I kept thinking I should go shopping for a garment that I could do some embroidery on, but every time, I hit a mental wall. So, there was nothing to do but make my own! Everything is in your own hands. And most importantly, it’s the perfect way to create a 3-D canvas to put embroidery on and show the world how amazing it is.

3 thoughts on “Sewing and Creating a 3D Canvas for Embroidery”

  1. I really like it! That E is beautiful, I love the style and the curves in it. But then again all the embroidery you do is lovely. I haven't been sewing long, and mostly make quilts. I've been too afraid to try clothing but this inspires me – a friend of mine loves tiered skirts (which I've heard were a pretty easy place to start as far as garment construction goes) and embroidery, so perhaps I'll make her a special gift for Christmas this year 🙂 I'd love to include some flowers/vines for her. Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's beautiful. I to sew (as well as embroider) and have made clothes in the past and it's a great feeling wearing something I've made but cost is always an issue and sometimes it is cheaper to go and buy it rather than make it, although then of course you have to wonder WHY it's cheaper, although I do try and stick to reasonably ethical chains.

    Regarding embroidering on clothes, that's something I've done in the past to but always on old shop bought clothes that I would have thrown away otherwise (to give them a new lease of life), I have occasionally, like you, thought about going to buy something to embroider on but once I never do because I feel like I've spent the money on the item of clothing and therefore I should appreciate it, as is, at least for a while and if I don't like it as is, I shouldn't be buying it in the first place! So I should consider more embroidering the clothes I do make I guess because at the moment if I'm going to embroider anything 3D, it'll be something like a bag or a cushion or maybe a scarf.

  3. Wonderful project! I, too, want to get back to making my own clothing for a lot of reasons. Haven't done embroidery on a garment since the 70s but love it. So inspirational. Would you be willing to tell me the pattern that you used for this skirt? I would love to do it. Live in Ky. so we won't run into each other!

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