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I’ve been a little slow lately. Maybe it’s the short days and grayness – we are down to about 6.5 hrs of light now. Soon things will turn towards slowly lengthening days again though, and it only takes a few weeks before you start feeling the darkness lifting.

I made this small embroidery for a change. I didn’t follow a pattern just an idea.

I call this embroidery “Autumn Nights”. It didn’t quite turn out as I envisioned, but it’s ok. It was a little experimental, as these small embroideries are intended to be. I wanted the sky to feel like a cool sunset in the fall. The tree is couched down yarn.  Then I added the first set of branches with linen thread. I thought it could be more interesting with further branching with 1 strand of cotton floss.

The ground is supposed to have fallen leaves made of wool with satin stitching. Then I filled in between the leaves with cross stitches using a thin linen thread. (Can you buy linen thread in the US? I never noticed it. It’s a traditional type of thread in Sweden and is readily found in the stores.) 

I made the moon from angelina fibers.  My first time using them.  It looks a bit odd in the photo, much better in reality though.

It doesn’t really matter if the design isn’t quite what I had in mind. It’s actually quite fun just to pick up some thread and follow an idea and try some different things without being bound by a pattern. I would definitely recommend trying it. Don’t worry if you are uncertain of the result. It doesn’t matter. You will find it interesting in time when you look back on it. And the most important thing is to take the opportunity to try new and different things. It’s the only way to learn and make new and even better embroideries. I can’t emphasize it enough, if you want to be able to incorporate new stitches in your projects, you have to learn them first, not just how to form the stitches, but how they look and feel. The best way is either sample cloths or small embroideries where you free yourself.

Anyways, this would be an embroidery journal project, but I’m not “officially” starting until next month. In January the fun begins, and you are all welcome to join in whichever format you like!

4 thoughts on “Small Embroidery”

  1. .it is my first time on this page i love what I;v sceen. I love enbroidy but mine never looks right. I did a quilt for my sister of the southern ladys. with was good but not ferfict. I would like it to be perfict .

  2. Hi! This is so sweet, and I just wanted to tell you that this is my fav way to embroider…free style!!! Like you said, it is interesting afterward because it is all from you!
    I am going to put you in my Blog List.
    Have a great day!

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