Summer Stitch School Week 7: Sheaf Stitch

This week’s stitch is the sheaf stitch. This is a great, little, two-step stitch that you might enjoy working into your embroidery. It’s sure fun to make, so grab your needles and some thread and give it a try!

The stitch
It’s not hard at all. First make 3 vertical straight stitches.

Next bring up your needle somewhere under the first straight stitch. Just push that first stitch over to the right slightly with your finger to make place for the needle. Now wrap the three stitches by bringing the thread over all them and then sliding the needle under them.

Then bring the needle down to the right of the little bundle.

There is the finished stitch!


 There are quite a few little variations you can try with this stitch. Of course, these are just to get you thinking, there are many, many more to try too!
 1. This is a small row of “normal” stitches.
2. Add some contrast by wrapping the straight stitches with a different color thread.
3. There is nothing that says you must use 3 straight stitches. This example has 2, 3, and 4 straight stitches.
4. You can also vary the number of times you wrap the straight stitches. Here 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 wraps are shown in the example.
5. This example shows both alternating horizontal and vertical straight stitches with the straight stitches a bit wider apart.
6. You can extend the wrap if you want too. Instead of pushing the first straight stitch over a little, just bring the needle up just on the side of the straight stitch. Wrap under, and bring the needle down in line with the final straight stitch.
7. The stitches can be line up top to bottom. This might make an interesting border or maybe a great fill-in.
8. This shows various irregular sheaf stitches. In some the straight stitches are place at varying distances from one another. Also the length of the individual straight stitches can be varied.
9. Add a bead to the wrap stitch.  The bead is passed through two times – once before wrapping under the straight stitches, and again after.

Week 7 is now complete, but there is still time to join in!!

7 thoughts on “Summer Stitch School Week 7: Sheaf Stitch”

  1. yes, really…THANKS!!! Fabulous learning material here….I am ecstatic to have found your blog!!!
    You photograph each tutuorial so well and they are all so easy to understand and then the group shot you give of variations….I can´t thank you enough. May I blog about your blog here on my blog??

  2. Thank you for your great instructions with clear pictures. I am very impressed! I have a blog about crochet, but I would like to write something about your tutorial and use one or more pictures. Am I allowed do that? Thanks again!

  3. PLEASE click on the email address on this comment that I am leaving… there is NO email address that I can find atleast,,,here on your blog,,,as I know of someone who would like to feature you blog and your summer stich tutorial but they don´t know how to contact you…thanks!

  4. Wow, this is great! There's a sampler I've been thinking about starting, and it features a bunch of different stitches, including the sheaf stitch. I've never done any of these before, so your tutorials are a God-send! Thanks again for everything you do,

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