Three Berries Stumpwork Embroidery

Here is another one of the embroidery patterns I created with people new to stumpwork in mind.

 These little insects are probably the most fun to stitch! For this project, I took the help of Trish Burr’s book, Color Confidence in embroidery, which is a really great resource. I’ll say more about it later because book reviews are something I’ve been meaning to do on this blog for a long time. (It wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that I have piles of embroidery books and magazines, I hope!!) For this project, I really wanted to try some colors that I don’t usually work with and this book helped a lot with that! I have already used it quite a bit and I am sure it will see much more use in the near future!

In the works this week, a new crewel project. I have to order new colors, so I think it will end up sidelined while I wait for them to get here, but here is a little peak at it.

I’ve worked on this til my finger hurt from pulling the needle, but I’m really happy with this so far.

Have a great, stitchy day, everyone!

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