WIP Wednesday

Nothing wrong with being a day late as usual here. I’m working on two projects, although one is on the sidelines while waiting for more crewel colors.

My new dragonfly stumpwork is getting all the attention while waiting. The camera pretty much hates focusing on the fabric when there is too much dimension, so I’ve done the best I could with some closeups!

You get the idea anyways, better photos coming soon! I’m pretty much ready to work on the leaves and dragonfly wings now.

I’ve also got a picture of the crewel squirrel. I’ve got to about getting better photos. It feels like my phone does better photos than the system camera, which is admittedly a little old now.

This project I really, really like and can’t wait to get the rest of the wools in! Better pics of this will soon follow for this one too!

I’ve hopped on with Instagram! My id is theflossbox, of course.  I’m totally blown away by the fiber artists out there! Such amazing stitching! It’s such fun browsing all the great work out there. I think I’m going to do a series spotlighting some fiber artists on this blog. Soon..soon. So much to do these days. 🙂

Keep on stitching!!

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