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A Happy LATE Halloween

I’m not just a couple weeks behind, I’m many months! So time to catch up a bit.

A very seasonal biscornu!

I curated a collection of Halloween projects. I was organized enough to post them on Instagram, but not here. So I am now. Better a little late than never!

I’ve been working on a myriad of other projects, so things have been off the rails here.

One thing that has distracted me is that I’m back doing Android mobile apps. I really enjoy making them. I focus on creativity apps because I think it’s so important. And they are a great way to use those odd bits of time for something meaningful. If you are interested, I post my apps under the name Creativity and Company. I have four so far and more planned.

I also started writing more seriously and post my articles on medium now. It’s been a learning experience. I realized that I’ve spent way too much time writing for myself and not other people. In any case, I’m really enjoying the challenge it offers.

Another very important lesson I’m learning is to start embracing what makes me unique. It will never work trying to be like anyone else or settling for an imitation of something. Or to blank myself and try to appear as nothing. It’s actually a tough lesson.

I’ve spent so much time hiding myself that it is a new way of thinking I have to embrace.

Otherwise, I’m painting as much as ever. I’ve decided it’s past time I started working on canvases again. I’ve been very reluctant to that. Afraid, I should say.

Lighthouse on canvas

The same old unworthiness haunts me there too. I am learning to deal with that though. It’s just a thought that circulates in my mind now and then. I don’t have to listen to it.

I will be back and soon! I am still learning as much as I ever can about art, creating, and life, and I hope you are too!

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