August 2012 Embroidery Journal Project

Hi all,
My embroidery journal project is now complete!

 I wanted to do something different this month, something that would be a little challenge of a different sort. So I chose a door to a magical, walled forest. I had to figure out ways to make the walls so they had dimension, and the door I wanted to be able to open. The walls are bits of a stiff interfacing that I covered with fabric.  The gate posts are wrapped up pipe cleaners. I couldn’t get the wire through the back of the fabric so I glued the ends so the floss wouldn’t unwind and cut off the wire. I used a black permanent marker to cover the white that showed.  My door is fabric covered interfacing too. I used several layers and ended up using glue in the end to hold all the layers together. If I did it over, I would have planned that part differently. The door is held shut with the help of an eye. It lifts up, so the door can open.

I had to put something behind the door, so I choose to represent a magical rose bush that blocks the way in.

What does my little walled in world represent? Good question! I will answer with it’s the way into my magical embroidered world where anything is possible, and there are always great projects to be done!!!

We’ve had a heron visiting us during August.  I suppose it found out we have little fish and crayfish in our water. No doubt a tasty snack!

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