Let them eat cake!

I’m surfacing again! The cross stitch projects are done for now, and I’m working on some new things. One of them is something I started many months ago. I ran into some road blocks because my idea for how to assemble it didn’t work, so I needed a little time to figure it out. Or a lot of time as it turned out!

I got this idea for a different sort of project when I saw someone’s art project that had a whole room set up with with places settings like for a party. Each plate had a different sculpture on it in some kind of clay or some such material. It made me think of doing something with needle work and food.  And since there is no better food than cake, so I thought I might start with that.

I decided to begin with fairly simple embroidery on this untested idea. I used fabric paint for the colors of the cake.

I sewed the pieces together by hand.

This project is not a “softee”. There is sturdy matboard giving it shape inside.

I made the cream blob out of fimo. The plate and the spoon are part of the project. They are not just props for the photo. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to go scouring flea markets for the ideal plate, which would be some nice little china piece with delicate flowers around it. The spoon is a silver spoon from Mr Floss Box’s grandmother. I will replace it with a cheaper small fork though. So I don’t consider the project quite done yet, but it’s time to post it anyways.

This was fun to do. I could imagine doing a whole series of them. I am not sure I will make it, but I will at the very least do another that is more elaborate. A family member who saw my cake actually thought it was real!!!!

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  1. OMG! thank you soooo much for this idea! My sister is wanting a crafty gift for her birthday and she lives overseas, so I might have a go at one of these & team it with a napkin! I had one idea on what to stitch, but didnt know what to put it on & a napkin will be awesome! *runs away to crafty supply store*

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