These are the sides to a new small purse I have been working on.

I’ve already sewn it all together, but my photos weren’t so great (they were terrible in fact!!), so I will be back with it all sewed together soon.

Just some fun stitching. The tiny bees were probably the best part! I’m sure they will an appearance in other projects too!

Otherwise, spring is finally here. It’s late April, but the crocuses and snowdrops are still in bloom!!  The crane migration was late too, but they did eventually come in all their grace and beauty.

At the most this year there were 10,000 at one time. Tons of barley are put out for them to eat every year.

Of course it isn’t just the cranes that love to enjoy a meal.

Swans, geese, ducks of different varieties come too!

And not to forget the small birds!  This place is a haven for gulls, terns, larks, and many, many other birds, including these charming house sparrows that I saw in the bushes. Sparrows are common birds that often go unnoticed, but they have beauty too if you just choose to see it.

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