April 2013 Journal Project

Time for another embroidery journal project!

I call this one Night Flyers.

There is a story behind this project. One night we were outside putting out the pellets for the ducks as we always do. We weren’t quite quick enough, so the ducks were already flying. (They live down in the river nearby.)

They won’t land though if we are out moving about though, so we moved
over to stand by the wall of the old house. The moon was a crescent, it
was an icy, cold, starry night. I tried to capture this in an

I limited the number of ducks to 6, but there are many more
that come! You can hear the whistle and quacking as they circle about.
They always come just as the last bit of light fades or in the morning
just before the sun rises.

 Another project done, time to think about a new one!

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