Catching up

I’m back from my summer away and getting back in the rhythm and catching up with everything.  I spent several weeks in beautiful Utah taking in the mountain scenery. So inspiring!

Some exciting news too! I have a deal to write an embroidery book!! But — it will be in French!! I cannot read a word of French myself!!! However, the contract allows me to sell the designs on my own in English, so they will be packaged in the new ebook I have in the works. My own book will focus on creativity and embroidery with designs and ideas in connection with various themes. I look forward to finishing it!

I’m putting all my stitching energy into these book projects, so I have fallen off with my monthly projects. The last I completed was my May project, Dance of the Butterfly

So many beautiful butterflies this year, they loved the super sunny weather. I’ll be returning to this idea down the line into a full design of some sort. I’m sending this out as a free design to my newsletter subscribers. Be sure to sign up for this and other freebies in the future!

I’m working on some new ideas too beyond just patterns. Over the years I have dived deep into the whole idea of creativity as self-expression. It’s become a major passion to me. I’ll be talking about such themes here and in my new project that I will mention later. I’ll be writing here more often I hope(!), and my posts are sent out to my newsletter subscriberss, so be sure to sign up and get updates right to your mailbox!

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