Small Bees Embroidery Tutorial

I love to make bees! They are easy and fun, and I add them to many of my projects.  There are really only a few steps so this tutorial is simple and straightforward.

First step is the body. I make two straight stitches in the same place. I use 3 strands of 310. It’s hard to tell the size in the picture, but the stitch is only about a quarter inch long.

Next is to make two segments of yellow by making satin stitches over the straight stitch.  Each segment has two stitches. I use two strands of a yellow thread.  Sometimes I make a couple stitches over the body with black thread, but it’s fine not to also.

Finally make a couple detached chain stitches as wings.  I often use either white or gold metallic thread.

And that’s it!

The project these belong to is another version that I just made of Let Your Heart Sing. I love this little bird!

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