Crewel Sampler Embroidery

This week I’ve taken another look at the Crewel Sampler project I made a few years ago.  This one was bigger than many of the others I have done. I do really enjoy a larger project now and then, they give me a chance to really spend more time with an embroidery and develop the idea further. 

I really wanted the look of an old-time sampler but with a little more modern feel. I’m not sure I captured either so well, but I do like the elements quite well, and it was an interesting challenge to design and stitch this piece. I’m glad I created this one! 

For this project, I used real linen twill, probably one of the most expensive fabrics I ever used! It was lovely to work with, perfect for a project that might is intended to be an heirloom.

Summer flying by, I hope you are enjoying it!

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