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Embroidery Biscornu

Last post I showed off my cross stitch biscornu. I’ve also worked on making embroidery biscornu too, although I don’t have nearly so many completed.

They are the same basic shape. The only difference is that I don’t make back stitch around the edge like for cross stitch biscornu, so I do the whip stitch around the edge right through the fabric instead.

It’s the same four-sided symmetry idea, although you can freely break that and make whatever designs you want. I haven’t really played around with that idea yet.

So far it seems I have hit Halloween themes pretty well. I think it’s just because I had made a handful of designs and they were ready to go when I was looking for something to make.

This little owl has to be one on my favorite birds.

This one ended up in my upcoming book (that will be in French).

As will the berry biscornu which I actually made a number of years ago.

I do have plans to create a couple more this month for my magazine commissions. They will be red. That is something I don’t do a lot of which will be a little challenge for me.

I hope you enjoyed these little creations! They are fun and worth a try if you haven’t ever made any.

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