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Sheep in Embroidery

Sheep have turned out to be one of my favorite embroidery themes. I just like their fluffy wooly shapes.

They must represent some kind of calmness for me. I really like seeing them in the countryside too.

I’ve collected some of my favorite representations. I have three favorite stitches to use for filling them.

This Halloween sheep, I have done with long and short stitch.

My most popular and second favorite is french knots. I’ve done these sheep with a little padding to give them some dimension.

And here is one that is made as an ornament.

Here is more sheep with french knots using crewel wools. They always look great with the wooly thread.

My most favorite stitch to use with sheep is turkey knots. It’s perfect for creating the fuzzy effect!

And last but not least, is a sheep made with needle felting and put in an embroidered box

I also have a biscornu made with a sheep theme. I used a wool thread for the sheep body. It added a fuzzy effect.

These are definitely not my last sheep!

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