Embroidery Projects

Here I finally am with a short summary of recent projects.

 This is the crewel version of my fruit wreath. The original fruit wreath was stumpwork:

 This is the footstool that the fruit wreath was made for. It’s about 10 inches in diameter. This is part of my effort to bring embroidery “off the wall”.  The wool is resilient and suited to take a little handling. I’ve been thinking hard of new ways to bring embroidery closer, we shall see which turn out to be interesting!

 Another square for my crewel bed cover.

I am up to 12 now!!  They are each different, but I think they look great together.  I have a new design just waiting to be started now.

A free embroidery texture study. It isn’t “anything”. It’s just what you see (although it was inspired by natural colors), an experiment trying out some different ways to make interesting textures.

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