1. Yes, I agree – the background fabric makes a good contrast and the flowers are well worked too.=)

  2. Oh, Emily, I agree. I have a term for this type of bloom: "dear little flowers." So pretty and sweet.
    All the best from here on Cape Cod in New England,
    Judith Anna

  3. They're beautiful, I love white on tan too.

  4. Whatever those little white flowers are, they are beautiful and your stitching is exquisite!

  5. I like the idea of bringing the outside in, Emily. I mean, since I cannot paint, I'm not a photog, this is a way of "capturing" the beauty of Spring. I suppose we pick flowers for the same reason, or press them. Thanks, Emily!

  6. The photos are beautiful, and so is your stitching. It makes me think of the song "Edelweiss"…."small and white, clean and bright, they look lovely to me…."

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