Feather Stitch: TAST Week 3

I made a little sampler. This time I used tapestry wool yarns. They are soo nice for making these sorts of samplers. Nice, fat yarns, so you can really see the stitches. And I discovered that I really like these yarns because they sit up on the fabric and give lots of extra dimension. This sampler is different!

Basically, I threw out the idea of making nice even rows of perfect stitches. Why not let some of the chaos that surrounds our lives come out in the needle. I know there is an instant left-brain reaction not to like it, but you can’t help looking extra, trying to find the patterns. I just stitched, I stitched right over other stitches if they were in the way. I really like the layering in any case. It’s complicated and sometimes hard to see what’s underneath. Ok, maybe I am reading a lot in, but I just couldn’t be “neat” with this one.

You can refer to a previous sampler I made if you want some really nice laid out variations of this stitch:

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