Creature of the Deep Blue Sea

I’ve been busy working on more wool stitching! My subject this time in an octopus.

I wanted a semi-realistic shape so I did a photo search and got a feeling for how the head should be. The tentacles are a bit exaggerated, but I wanted them long so you get the feeling of them floating around in the water.

After I made the octopus, I added the seaweed on the sides and the middle. I managed to use this week’s TAST stitch, the feather stitch in there! And even better I found a great use for the wheat ear stitch. Makes perfect sea plants.

Lots of french knots and a starfish finished off the embroidery. I really filled the fabric this time! Next up is a sheep. I already made the design.

And finally, we went out to the flea markets yesterday as we often do. I found something a bit special this time.

Unfortunately the name and name plate are missing, but this is a Willcox and Gibbs sewing machine from about 1885. It has no bobbin and makes a single thread chain stitch. This design was patented in the 1850’s. I can tell you, this little machine isn’t a lightweight. They surely don’t make them like this anymore! In the background is an antique Husqvarna sewing machine from the early 1900s. So now the count is up to 3 antique machines. I swear I am not a collector, it’s all Mr Floss Box’s fault!


  1. So cute! I love the French knots on his tentacles.

  2. Love this your octopus is lots of fun

    Jackie x

  3. Adorable! I like how you didn't restrict yourself to a "traditional" ocean palate of blues. I just picked up my embroidery again and your blog is a huge inspiration to me!

  4. What an interesting machine! Do you sew with your antiques or are they strictly for decorative purposes?

  5. The Octopus looks very beautiful with all the details taken in to considerations. Thanks for sharing this antique machine details with us.

  6. hello, you have a lucky find- this is a straw hat sewing machine!

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