First project

The first project of the year is now completed! This one I am calling “Crewel Beetle”. That gives the whole thing away, so here it is!

I used some classic crewel embroidery stitches here, namely the beetle’s body. I took the time to lay the lines carefully to be as parallel as possible. Nearly all of them I had to pull out and re-lay at least one time, but I think this is the best job I have done so far with this stitch. The first leg section on all 6 legs are bullion knots. I thought those worked out pretty well. I was a little bummed because the paper slipped a bit while transferring the design, so the body is not perfect. I didn’t realize it until I had the body already filled in. Sometimes that is the way it is, so I pressed on.

These crewel projects are fun. I’ll be making more of them, but I am mixing in some other projects too. I’m calling this series of patterns “Crewel in a Hoop”. It wasn’t a planned out idea, but the 6-inch hoop is a great size for working in. Plus they are easy frames for displaying the projects.

I have more little projects finished or near finished, so I will be back when the light lets me get a good picture. Until then, keep on stitching!!

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