Fly Stitch TAST Week 1

This year I signed up to follow along with TAST run from Pintangle. This is the first week, and the stitch is fly stitch.

Here is my sampler. I just sat down with a needle and thread and tried a few different ways of lining up the stitches and spacing them. It was fun. There is no better way to really learn and understand the possibilities each stitch offers than to sit down and practice the stitch and try a few variations. I’ve said this before, embroidery is an art form, and the stitches are our brushes. Learn to use them like an artist would, and you will be on your way. I’ll be revisiting this idea again, so stick around.

I’ve worked this sampler with a fine wool yarn (2-ply like crewel yarn) that I offer in my etsy store. It’s the thinnest wool I have ever seen, and it’s a delight to work with. It’s just barely the thickness of two cotton strands.

Last year I made another fly stitch sampler as part of Summer Stitch school. Here is that sampler:

You can read more about these fly stitch variations here.

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