Frog Update

I got a question somewhere, what happened to the frog eggs I collected in the spring. Well, they are still alive, I am happy to report! We put them in a plastic box and filled it with water and some plant material. 


I have to confess that I forgot about them for awhile. I knew there was a chance that they all died, so as time went I was more reluctant to have a look. But it turns out many of them are still swimming around!

I have even seen two that have made it to small frog stage. We set up the box with grass in the plastic crate so that they could hop out when they are ready.

3 thoughts on “Frog Update”

  1. NAture is so convenient: do nothing and everything goes well :). But when the frontlegs appear, they start to breath air and must be able to rest above the water. SO maybe put a stone in the box ?!

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