These little guys must be one of the sure signs of summer. I don’t see many around here, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about them.

For this project I decided to do things just a little differently. That is my “process” for making a design. I made my pencil sketch as usual. My sketches are usually pretty rough, but I often think they turn out so soft in a way. When I draw them on the computer the hard lines make that softness disappear. So I decided I would try drawing the design with colored pencils too.

It was good for me to try this. The colored pencils gave me a certain freedom with shades that I have had a hard time matching with threads. Mostly because I own far from all the crewel shades! But also because the colors blend differently. It was extremely helpful when I was choosing the colors for the project. I referred back to my drawing quite a bit. The goal was never really to copy the colors exactly, but to use the drawing as more of a reference.

So here is my stitched version:

The shading on the leaf makes all the difference for the project. It really adds the feeling of lightness. In this project, the ladybug simply ended up too small to be shaded though. Well, maybe that is just an excuse!! But I am happy with it anyways.

This was a fun project, and it was fun with the drawing. I definitely plan on doing more of this type of thing. Perhaps it will save me some trouble too!!!

Now the month of June is nearly out. I am behind, but it’s time to get going on my embroidery journal project!!

4 thoughts on “Ladybugs!”

  1. This sweet ladybug makes me smile. The little touches of blue make me think that perhaps the ladybug is sunning herself at the water's edge. I agree with you about the highlights on the leaf. So lovely.

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