March 2013

I have finished my embroidery journal project for this month. I had the idea at the end of February, so I went ahead and started it.

I got this idea from watching the birds, of course, as I often do. These blackbirds love to eat fruit. Apples are a favorite, but I think they like the raisins even better.

I added the tangle of branches around the little bird, since they spend their days hiding out in the bushes.  The males are jet black which makes the orange ring around their eyes really stand out.

The snow and ice continue melting. The winter has been long and oppressive. The sun is starting to be strong enough to warm us. Now we wait for the days to grow long enough for the blackbirds to break out into their sweet song.

2 thoughts on “March 2013”

  1. Great blog! I'm a wannabe embroider, quite a beginner, from Belgium. I don't know if you heard about Glazig embroiderig, traditionnal Breton but Google "glazig" or "glazig broderie" and I think you'll like ite 😉

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